The Sunday Supplement

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A Call to Worship

Lord of life,
We do not know the face of the future,
any more than your disciples did.
Like them, we have many questions:
how to live
how to bear witness.
Like them, we thirst for the spring waters of the Spirit
to inspire us in our living
to give us a heart language in our testimony.

You have been raised in glory
that we might rise with dignity
You live in power that we might live in peace
You are present everywhere
that we might be fully present in our own lives
This we believe
This we step out on.

Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided

Comings, Goings and Coming Again

Our God is a great big God

Reading: Acts 1: 7-14

All heaven declares


The splendour of the king (How great is our God)

Thought for the Week

Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice


Sharing communion as a church is not possible at present. Use this liturgy to celebrate communion at home either alone or with members of your household.

(We have been unable to get the Matter Transfer Beam working on YouTube so you'll need to provide your own bread and wine!)

Before the throne of God above


May God,
who comes to us in the things of this world,
bless your eyes and be in your seeing.

May Christ,
who looks upon you with deepest love,
bless your eyes and widen your gaze.

May the Spirit,
who perceives what is and what may yet be,
bless your eyes and sharpen your vision.

May the Sacred Three
bless your eyes and cause you to see.

from "In the Sanctuary of Women", copyright © Jan L. Richardson.


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Talks and reading from 26th May 2019:

Reading: Acts 1:7-14

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