God the Father

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One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In Hebrew (the language the Old Testament was originally written in) the name of God is spelled YHWH. Since ancient Hebrew had no written vowels, it is uncertain how the name was pronounced originally, but there are records of the name in Greek, which did have written vowels. These records indicate that in all likelihood God's name should be pronounced "Yahweh".

God the Father:

As much as we might like to think so, no human Father can ever live up to the ideals we set for them.

The Bible talks a lot about God as our perfect, loving heavenly Father.

That's how the prayer we call the 'Lord's Prayer' starts: 'Our Father in heaven'.

Father God is much more than 'a nice dad on a cloud'. Father God loves us completely. It is perhaps one of the most wonderful things that we can learn through the words of the Bible that God is our heavenly Father - God reveals himself in the Bible, and in our experiences as we trust him, as a loving, gracious, patient, kind, forgiving, faithful heavenly Father who desires to be involved with each and every detail of our lives. 

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(Excerpts from 'Making a Splash' by the Baptist Union of Great Britain)