Cell Groups

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Highams Park Baptist Church continues to operate within Government guidelines for places of worship. Details can be found in the leaflet "Guidance on attending Highams Park Baptist Church during Covid-19 restrictions".

We are meeting on Sunday mornings at 10am. 

To contact us by email (contact@hpbc.co.uk)


Cell Groups


Why 'Cell'?

An encouragement that we might function together within our small groups as cells in the human body do…

  • They are living and life-giving
  • They are small and efficient
  • They co-operate and serve
  • They need each other to function properly
  • They share the same ingredients
  • They grow and multiply

Cell Groups are for friendship, support and Bible study / application

Currently there are 2 Cell Groups.

Tuesday evenings

Meeting between 8 and 9.30pm at the home of Paul and Sarah Raymond the group will use short talks and DVDs to deepen their faith and seek to grow together in their experience of God. The DVDs and talks will open up discussion on various topics and there will also be time for prayer.

Please speak directly to Sarah or Paul or email cell-group@hpbc.co.uk for more information.

Friday evenings

The Friday Cell Group is called "HPBC Praise, Prayer and Worship" and meets at the Church. The group meets monthly and the meetings run from 7pm to 8pm. The group is led by Muneyi and Peter. 

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