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Highams Park Baptist Church continues to operate within Government guidelines for places of worship. Details can be found in the leaflet "Guidance on attending Highams Park Baptist Church during Covid-19 restrictions".

Services restarted on 9th August and are live streamed on YouTube. Details will be placed on the Church Notices section of this website and on the Church Calendar

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Church Notices




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Sunday Service - 25th October 2020

The link for streaming next week's service is:

Not yet available

To listen to the latest recorded service please use the link below.

Sunday Service - 25th October 2020

This is the latest available recording of the Sunday Service. To watch the live stream of the current service please use the link above.

Church Magazine

The latest edition of the Church Magazine (October/November 2020) is now available for you to read.


Highams Park Baptist Church reopened for services on Sunday 9th August. We are following Government guidelines for places of worship and details can be found in the leaflet "Guidance on attending Highams Park Baptist Church during Covid-19 restrictions". There will be no congregational singing during the service and you will be asked to leave promptly when the service finishes.  Please note that government guidance was updated after our leaflet was printed and that face coverings are now required to be worn.

Lord lead the way

 Peter Burke, one of our members, has just released a new song. Watch it here.

The Sunday Supplement is having a little time off.

Army of Love

Army of Love is now available as a CD. £6 (includes donation of £1 to HPBC) and on Spotify.

Contact Peter Burke by email or catch up with him in Church.

Church Membership

Speak to Rosemary if you would like to talk about becoming a Church memberChurch membership is a special and significant way to identify yourself with this local Baptist Church and to show your commitment to our shared life and work. 

Prayer Chain

We have a telephone Prayer Chain and a Prayer Text scheme that operates to respond to urgent prayer needs concerning those in the Church, their family and friends and the local community. Please contact Robert if an urgent need for prayer arises and the details will be passed along the chain and distributed via a text.

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