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COVID-19 - Government announcement Tuesday 16th March

In line with current advice from the Baptist Union all Church services and weekday activities have been cancelled. We are currently working through the implications for our Church and will update this page as the situation becomes clearer.

While the Tuesday cell group is closed Paul plans to send out weekly reflections. Here is the first...

A message from Paul:

I write these few lines, as the country gets ever closer to full lockdown, following the Prime Minister’s latest announcement. Our country, along with the rest of the world struggles to know how best to response to the Coronavirus that has turned everybody’s world upside down. In can seem like we’re in the desert, in the wilderness wandering and wondering what will happen and where we are going-when will it all end. I wonder if Jesus felt that way during his temptation in the wilderness. We know he resisted the temptations of the devil, but there must have been other times when he was struggling and doubting if he would come through it-if he didn’t he wouldn’t have been human. He needed his Father’s help and the Gospels tell us that angels were sent to help him. Though he was isolated, dare I say self isolating, God was with him and gave him the strength to carry on.

In these hard and challenging days for all of us, we may feel like we are in the wilderness, and the world too is in the wilderness, lost and bewildered on our walk through the barren desert. But we are not-God and his angels are with us and will guide us through to green pastures.

On the day of my Mum’s funeral several years ago the day started overcast and rainy. Just before we set off for Church a rainbow lit up the sky. Rainbows have had a special place in my heart since, reminding me of hope and light and life in the midst of darkness, suffering and death.

I was thinking of rainbows today, and the story of Noah and the flood. God asked Noah and his family with all the animals, to self isolate, as it were, when the wind howled and the rain poured-where would it end they must must have thought, will we ever come through it?

God never left them and the end of the storm saw them reach dry land and God’s rainbow in the sky-his promise that he was taking care of them and would look after them and keep his promises. So today, let us remember, that we are carried in God’s hands and like Noah we will get through this storm too.

If you can why not listen to Stuart Townend’s version of the 23rd Psalm, with words we all need to remember and take to heart over the coming days.

And we’ll finish with Paul’s words to the Philippians in his letter to them, Chapter 4, 6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Wanna be free

Wanna be free (to love you Lord) is the new video/song from Peter Burke, one of our members.

Army of Love

Army of Love is now available as a CD. £6 (includes donation of £1 to HPBC) and on Spotify.

Contact Peter Burke by email or catch up with him in Church.

Church Membership

Speak to Rosemary if you would like to talk about becoming a Church memberChurch membership is a special and significant way to identify yourself with this local Baptist Church and to show your commitment to our shared life and work. 

Prayer Chain

We have a telephone Prayer Chain and a Prayer Text scheme that operates to respond to urgent prayer needs concerning those in the Church, their family and friends and the local community. Please contact Robert if an urgent need for prayer arises and the details will be passed along the chain and distributed via a text.

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