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Something Ventured for Advent

This Advent Rosemary will be blogging (Blog is short for weBlog). Follow the blog here

HPBC Christmas Celebration - Wed 11th December

Bob Jenkins is organising our Christmas dinner at the Larkswood Harvester, New Road. Please contact Bob if you would like to come this year.

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Rivers of Life

Rivers of Life is the new video from Peter Burke, one of our members.

Tuesday Cell Group

There will be a new Cell Group starting Tuesday 10th September running until December. Meeting between 8 and 9.30pm at the home of Paul and Sarah Raymond the group will use short talks and DVDs to deepen their faith and seek to grow together in their experience of God. The DVDs and talks will open up discussion on various topics and there will also be time for prayer.

Please speak directly to Sarah or Paul or email for more information.

BBGA has restarted

All sections are meeting 6:30-8pm for this first term. Please arrive on time so you don't miss out on the fun. We will be starting with a few games and then tackle some badgework. We are working on a fun program with the theme of "music".

Get your young people to bring some friends along as we could do with growing the groups a bit.

Learning to listen 

The gift of a listening ear communicates love and grace, qualities found abundantly in Jesus. In this age where social media has diminished our communication skills, perhaps there is an even greater need to listen well, writes Phil Slaney in the Baptist Times

Gathered Prayer

Gathered prayer has a new venue. Please speak to Phil Slaney or Margaret Norris for more information.

Church Membership

Speak to Rosemary if you would like to talk about becoming a Church memberChurch membership is a special and significant way to identify yourself with this local Baptist Church and to show your commitment to our shared life and work. 

Cell Groups

Cell Groups are small groups of people who meet for friendship, support and Bible study / application. Currently there is a Thursday afternoon group meeting fortnightly and a Friday evening group meeting monthly. A new group will start on Tuesday evenings from 10th September.

Please think about whether you would like to join. For more information speak to Sheila (Thursdays), Muneyi and Peter (Fridays) or Paul and Sarah (Tuesdays).

Prayer Chain

We have a telephone Prayer Chain and a Prayer Text scheme that operates to respond to urgent prayer needs concerning those in the Church, their family and friends and the local community. Please contact Robert if an urgent need for prayer arises and the details will be passed along the chain and distributed via a text.

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