God the Holy Spirit

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One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In Hebrew (the language the Old Testament was originally written in) the name of God is spelled YHWH. Since ancient Hebrew had no written vowels, it is uncertain how the name was pronounced originally, but there are records of the name in Greek, which did have written vowels. These records indicate that in all likelihood God's name should be pronounced "Yahweh".

God the Holy Spirit:

What do you think of when you hear the words 'Holy Spirit'?

Perhaps you think of words like 'counsellor', 'healer' or 'guide'. Maybe you don't know what to think!

When he went back to heaven, Jesus did not leave his followers alone - he gave the Holy Spirit to guide them and give them peace. The Holy Spirit helps us to know what God wants us to do. He helps us to pray. He encourages us in our faith and he gives us spiritual strength. He is at work in us, helping us to become more like the people God created us to be. He gives spiritual gifts to help us be more effective in our lives.

The fruit of the spirit

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(Excerpts from 'Making a Splash' by the Baptist Union of Great Britain)